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Department of Physical Education
Sl.No. Date Title Download
112 Mar 20243rd Sem Physical Education (Program & GE) and SEC-1 Practical Examination,2023Download
228 Feb 2024Physical Education (Major & Minor) Internal Assessment, 2023-24Download
309 Feb 20245th Sem Physical Education practical examDownload
402 Feb 2024Notice for 3rd Semester Internal 2024Download
523 Dec 20235th Semester Physical Education AssignmentDownload
604 Oct 20232nd Semester Physical Education ( Program & GE) practical examination 2023Download
708 Sep 20232nd Sem Physical Education ( Program & GE) Internal Assignment 2023Download
802 Sep 20234th Semester Physical Education (Program & GE) Practical Exam-2023Download
919 Aug 2023Notice for Physical Education Major Orientation Programme 2023Download
1011 Aug 2023Physics_Orientation_Prog2023Download
1105 Aug 2023Notice First Aid Training 5 Aug 2023 12-40Download
1202 Aug 20236th Sem Physical Education Practical Exam 2023Download
1328 Jul 20234th Sem GE Physical Education Internal AssignmentDownload
1428 Jul 20234th Sem Program Physical Education Internal AssignmentDownload
1519 Jul 2023Announcement for Admission in Physical Education (Major) 19 Jul 2023Download
1618 Jul 2023Urgent Notice for Admission Test for Physical Education (Major)Download
1713 Jun 2023Notice for International Yoga Day 2023Download
1813 May 20231st Semester Physical Education Practical Examination -2022Download
1901 Apr 20231st Semester Physical Education ( Program & GE) AssignmentDownload
2012 Mar 20233rd Semester Physical Education Practical (Program & GE) and SEC-P-1 Examination-2022Download
2102 Feb 20235th Semester Physical Education Practical Examination-2022Download
2202 Dec 20225th Sem Physical Education SEC- Internal Examination(Practical)- 2022Download
2303 Sep 20222nd Semester Practical Exam-2022.(Physical Education)Download
2426 Jul 20224th Semester Practical Exam 2022Download
2525 Jun 2022Notice 6th Sem Practical Exam 2022Download
2613 Jun 20224th Semester Internal Assessment-2022Download
2713 Jun 20222nd Semester Internal Assessment-2022Download
2830 May 20226th Semester Internal Assessment-2022Download
2917 Mar 20221st Semester Practical ExaminationDownload
3023 Feb 2022Physical Education 1st Semester Assignment 2022Download
3116 Feb 2022Felicitation Programme for meritorious students in the field of games & sportsDownload
3229 Jan 20223rd Semester Internal & Practical Assessment-2022(for Program & GE)Download
3307 Jan 20225th Semester Internal and Practical Assessment-2021Download
3416 Sep 20212nd Sem Internal and Practical Assessment- 2021Download
3527 Aug 2021Celebration of National Sports Day(29th August,2021) organized by Department of Physical EducationDownload
3625 Aug 20214th Semester Internal and Practical Assessment-2021Download
3731 Jul 20216th Semester Internal and Practical Assessment( Physical Education)- 2021Download
3813 Jul 20211st Semester Physical Education GE Practical Assessment-2021Download
3908 Jul 20211st Semester Physical Education Practical ExaminationDownload
4001 Jul 20211st Semester Practical Examination, Dept. of Physical Education will be held on 08/07/2021Download
4113 Jun 2021An International Workshop on "Yoga and Improvement of Immunity Power" is going to be organised by Department of Physical Education on 21st to 23rd June 2021. Link of Brochure and Programme Schedule.Download
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